Being Accepted as a Christian Multiple

by Mary of Black Sunflower Collection

I found out I had been multiple for my whole life on September 14, 2009. And I quickly devoured all the information I could on the subject, finding a haven on the Livejournal multiplicity community.I have had qualms at first with my plurality, being a Christian, but quickly found people that accepted me as I was.

However I haven't seen much friendliness towards the Christian faith in general among the multiple community. However, I didn't have to ask to know why, having experienced it from my own father. Another thing I've noticed is that a lot of non-Christian multiples are surpised at my attitude towards them -- not a judgmental or condescending attitude, but an accepting one. But I think that something everyone -- not just plurals -- has in common is feeling like an outcast and being rejected at some point in their lives, so I try to keep that in mind.

Snce last year, I've had to contemplate how Christianity and multiplicity could comingle peacefully. I remembered when I was 13 and my father acting like my one other at the time was evil. But then I recalled the actions of Jesus in the Holy Bible. He accepted everyone except for the Pharisees -- the holier-than-thou religious leaders that followed so many rules they contradicted themselves. Also, my others have taken well to my Christian faith, though not all are Christians. I just hope my actions and words and words can show other groups/systems that not all Christians are closed-minded and cruel.

As of this writing, I have soulbonds w/Ye Shu & Aslan-both apparently representations of our faith. They glow brightly when Mary, the core, is worshiping, or when the body goes to church.


of the Black Sunflower Collection

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