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A collective effort of a few anonymous members of a multiplicity system who wish to also remain anonymous at this time. You can write to them at

Adult Language

~By: A Few Anonymous Members of a System of Anonymousness~

What we are about to say is probably going to upset a lot of people. We aren't going to sugar coat it, we aren't going to hold back, we're just going to speak our minds freely. We don't care if it's not what people want to hear, it's what we need to say!

We are sick and tired of people supposedly “suffering” from multiplicity under a handful of different names. Therapists do a great job of convincing multiples that being many is bad, it's broken, and damn it, we better fix it!

It's not a population higher than 1 that is causing them trouble! We've see countless multiples online go from being fairly alright to becoming a sobbing, blithering, useless mess after going to therapy. A lot of them end up having issues with the members who end up believing “Oh, it's sad we're multiple, we need to work on integrating” fighting with those who say “NO! I don't want to die!”. We know of one system where a big takes meds to constantly keep the others asleep and gets so angry when a little manages to fight her way front and throw away the meds. The big does this to be “normal” by society's standards.

A little fighting to live, how absolutely appalling! No child, chronological or otherwise, should have to fight just to be allowed to live.

Some systems whom were abused do need therapy to help them. What we're talking about here is when multiples head off to therapy just because multiples are supposedly supposed to get therapy, or the multiples who seek therapy and don't get what they actually need. If a system is functioning, don't tamper with them and how they run. We've heard stories of systems dragged off to shrinks when their family found a little playing childishly, and other systems sent to the nut house because one's partner freaked out about it. We're sick and tired of words and terms intended to belittle and put members in their place. Alters? Parts? Those words are used to ensure the members of a system believe they aren't people so they don't resist being killed off during “integration”.

Multiples need to be able to seek therapy for other issues irrelevant to being multiple. If a system shows up for therapy, the therapist tends to go after the multiplicity. We know a system with a member in need of help, but they don't seek it for fear of being shoved in to integrating. So, that member suffers in silence. That is unacceptable.

We're sick and tired of being told over and over again that we need to be in therapy. We're sick of singlets thinking they have any fucking right to tell us to kill off all but one of us, just so they can feel more comfortable with the one person. Where do they get off?! Some of us are not comfortable around our neighbor. Do we have any right to kill him or tell him to commit suicide?! NO! So where does anybody get off telling us to do that with members of our system?!

FUCK integration! That whole concept is a lie! We've gotten sick of seeing friends of ours in other systems march off to integration and then expecting us to be happy for them when another disappears. We're sorry if we're a tad broken up over another one of our friends being gone. Don't give us that crap that they aren't really gone. We can't talk to them, their gone. It's more horrific than if they were hit by a bus and died. We had to endure them going through the whole process, completely ignoring us when we'd point out the things they said that let us know they didn't truly want this. Then, yet another was gone. When this happens, we can't take the time to mourn as we can when a singlet dies. No one allows us time for us to process the loss of a friend. The friend's body isn't dead, so outsiders insist there is nothing to be upset over. We're supposed to ignore it and move on, or worse, celebrate it. We're sorry, it doesn't work that way. She was our friend, and now she's gone. It's as tragic and upsetting as the loss of a singlet.

When a system dies, all people ever hear about is the legal name the system signed their checks with. That's crap! If one of the multiples we know passes away, you better believe we will be the ones in the back speaking up, “NO! THEY will be missed, ALL of them!” I can't imagine that happening to us, We'd be devastated seeing that from the other side.

Fuck the general public. Story after story, post after post, members of systems suffering the torture of not being allowed to live. Outsiders wouldn't accept them, people would think they're crazy. This is bullshit, it has to stop! There is no reason multiples shouldn't be free to be themselves! How do we accomplish this? Stand up, come out, be yourselves. Fuck what people think! If you're neighbor thinks you're a loony, his loss! Only when multiples come together and stop accepting oppression and being forced to fit societal norms will the real insanity stop.

Stand up and be heard!

Anonymous Multiple

You can write to them at .

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