Is Billy Milligan Naturally Multiple?

Guest article by anonymous

I had the opportunity to read part of The Minds of Billy Milligan while I was in the library the other day, and what I found most interesting -- what jumped out at me immediately, in fact -- was that if the version of Billy's personal history given in the book was correct, Billy was apparently multiple several years before the abuse started.

While the others helped him cope with the abuse, it was implied that they had been around since at least the age of two or three, years before his mother married the man who abused him. Although I wasn't able to read through the whole thing, and the book seemed to gloss over this issue and to focus more on Billy's (temporary) integration, it was interesting nonetheless.

The author of this piece wishes to remain anonymous. If you wish to communicate with the author, send mail to our mailform and put "Thoughts on Billy Milligan" in the subject line, and we'll see that the author gets it. We would particularly like anyone from Mr. Milligan's system to give their view.

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