We Won't Go Away

Guest article by Rhymershouse

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The truth is this. We are a multiple. We aren't going to go away. You can call us by the body's name. Go ahead. It belongs to someone here but it isn't our name. It never was the name of all of us. We couldn't give you all our names if we wanted to -- which of course we don't, most of the time.

Because if we do you'll start in on us about the horrible abuse that created all these little fragments. Or you'll talk about how much music we listen to. How much time we spend sitting on our ass in front of this spyware-ridden PC will suddenly become a topic of interest for you. And you will insist we see a doctor, just for existing. Just by existing we are evil. Just by breathing, just by being ourselves.

Now why is that? What is so threatening about us? Why do you turn tail if that word is brought up? It's a simple little two-letter word which brings us comfort, a small little word.


That is it.

The word "We" scares you so? Why? We. It's a word you use on a daily basis. "Should we go to lunch?" you'll ask a coworker. "Should we finish that project together?" Well, we ask the same of each other.

We're all people. Yep. That's what I said. People. Just like you... All of us may not be humans but not all "people" are.

And it's not us who'll miss out. It's you. You'll miss out on friends and possibly lovers and allies, acquaintances, children to play with, givers of wisdom... everything. A whole world shown to you in a grain of common sand and you fling it aside. Because after all it is just sand. Just sand. We are just sand and dust... Dust on your boots. Just that and nothing more. And you fail to see it.

We're not broken, not shattered, no better or worse than you. We just have to keep hoping, keep praying, keep believing that you will accept us some day.

Kenzi and Jess
Rhymers' House

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