Defining Our Experience:
Who decides?

There are trauma-based groups that do not have DID or MPD, and other ones that do. There are natural groups who are very sick and need real help. Any group having non-plural-related problems, and any group having problems related to operating system and communication failures, should be able to get help without having the doctor say "Oh, you have dissociative identities, that's what's wrong with you!"

Whatever name they give it, they're still saying that a we shouldn't be there in anyone, that we -- any group of identities sharing a body -- are something that is wrong, our presence is a sign of breakdown and malfunction, we should not exist. The only valid identity is the single identity. The One we are all supposed to be -- never mind whether we started from a single person or not. The only healthy identity is One. They cannot possibly imagine how more than one could be right, healthy, good or true, or exist for any other reason than as a childhood fantasy dreamed up to cope with an unpleasant reality.

Whether the we is a wrong thing, something that should not be, a brokenness that is healed only by flowing back into the One, that should be for the client and their group to decide, not some singlet who's never been multiple and cannot know what it is like. This is about who gets to define our experience. Shouldn't it be up to the people having the experience to define it?


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