Astraea Writers' Guidelines

Several people have written to us stating that rather than start a webpage of their own, they'd rather write an article or two for us. We're slightly amazed at this, but okay, here's some writers' guidelines.

You need not email articles to us if you want to be anonymous. You can use our email form instead.

No length limit.

No limit as to number of persons in the system who can contribute to an article (if they can, they might like to sign their names at the end, get credit for their work). Nonhumans in systems okay, fictives okay, origins don't matter.

Subjects: Personal experience narratives, comments on the politicization of multiplicity, empowerment, your own theories about multiplicity. Accounts of your own world. Fiction also welcome. Small illustrations OK. Focus and theme should relate to multiplicity as a way of life rather than a disorder, and on living multiple rather than a therapy-centered or abuse-survivorship perspective.

Content: Keep it mature. Trigger warnings are not required, in fact they are discouraged. Adult content is okay (if it is very explicit, we might put "Adults Only" on it) however we're not looking for accounts of sexual abuse. Young persons in multiple systems are not required to use lilspeak.

HTML: If you can HTMLise your own work, so much the better. We'll be happy to do it for you if you cannot. We encourage all multiples (and everyone else) to learn HTML. We recommend The HTML Code Tutorial or W3 Schools HTML Tutorial, which make everything very clear even for rank beginners.

Good luck!
Jay Young & jason greenwillow

NO COPYRIGHT! All writings by members of House Astraea are COPYRIGHT FREE. Permission to link to, manipulate, publish and/or mention in print (paper, electronic, etc.) any material written by members of House Astraea is granted. Any re-broadcast, reproduction or retransmission of the pictures, descriptions, and accounts of this game without express written consent of Major League Baseball is hereby granted.

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