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Lent - forty days of reflection

Whoa! Was that pink smoke over the Vatican during the 2013-03-12 conclave?

Why should New Age seekers care about politics or about life on earth? A famous performer of channeled music explains.

Click here for Islam Basics
Holy Quran - King Fahd Version, one of the best English translations, with many explanations.


We see spirituality and religion as two different but related things. Spirituality is related to inner experience of God and spiritual things. Religion is (ideally) the outward expression of these inner realities.

Interlude Meditations and spiritual expressions from many faiths. Very peaceful.

Are you looking for Lourdes Spring water?

Lourdes Official Site - get it straight from the source along with all information, history, how to get to Lourdes.

Also, The Lourdes Center - Marist Fathers, Boston American distributor of Lourdes water and information.

Remember St. Bernadette said "It's faith and prayer that heal."

Links to Religious Sites

Explore Many Faiths at BeliefNet

Well-Known Faiths

* African Methodist Episcopal
* Bahai
* Buddhism
* Catholicism - Basic Intro
* Church of God in Christ
* Ecumenical Catholic Communion A group of ecumenical catholic faith communities celebrating the richness of catholic spirituality and its traditions. Everyone welcome.
* WomenPriests If a woman was good enough to be the mother of God, why can't they be priests today? Explores the role of women in the early church and calls for the ordination of women.
* Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests You read that right. Equal rites for equal rights!
* Nuns On The Bus The Vatican tells nuns to shut up and do as they're told... these sisters prefer to do as Jesus told them and help the poor. "We cannot stand by silently when the U.S. Congress considers further enriching the wealthiest Americans at the expense of struggling, impoverished families."
* Islam
* Compendium of Jewish and Muslim Texts Learn what Judaism and Islam really are.
* Jainism
* Jehovah's Witnesses
* Judaism
* Seventh Day Adventists
* Shinto
* Sophia Spirit Catholic-based worship of God as the female principle of universal wisdom. Completely open to all.
* Taoism
* Universal Life Church
* Vodou - the Black religion that has been maligned for centuries
* New Orleans Vodoun Temple
* Google's Wicca links

Lesser-Known Faiths

* Amish (Old Order)
* Goddess Movement God as a female creative spirit, as proposed by various women through history. These movements do not exclude or demonize men but redefine his role in creation and the universe. Monica Sjoo, Starhawk, Carol Christ.
* A history of the Goddess movement in Britain. If you're interested, Feminism and Religion is a detailed blog about female spirituality, including the Goddess experience. You can also read MatriFocus.
* Isis of the Stars and Fellowship of Isis Dedicated to renewing the worship of Isis in the modern world. Founded by Lady Olivia Robertson, Clonegal, Ireland.
* hare krishna
(formerly http://web.com/~ara/)
* Rastafari Archived. Still a good intro.
* Santeria

Reconstructionist Faiths

These faiths attempt to revive older religions, reproducing and carrying on ancient traditions as closely as possible.

* Asatru A revival of ancient Norse religions.
* Another Asatru info page.
* OCRT's Take on Asatru
* Celtic Reconstructionism Also IMBAS. If you are not Native American and you're contemplating borrowing or adopting Native American traditions, go here first.
* Celtic paganism has many of the same elements as Native traditions. If you are of European descent, this may be closer to how your ancestors worshiped. It is even possible that your feeling of being Native in a past life might actually be memories of Celtic pagan experience. Remember Celtic peoples are not just Irish and Scots. Celts existed and still exist through all of Europe.
* Similarities on the Pagan Paths Scroll all the way down for an amazing list of intercultural similarities between Cherokee Indians and Celtic peoples.
* The House of Netjer A revival of the ancient Egyptian religion.
* Hellenic Reconstructionism A revival of the ancient Greek religions.
* YSEE, Ethnikoi Hellenes Dedicating to defending and restoring the Ethnic, Polytheistic, Hellenic Tradition, Religion and Way in contemporary Greek society.
* Religio Romana A revival of the religions of ancient Rome.
* More about reconstructionist faiths

The Sacred Text Archive Writings on many faiths, past and present, very comprehensive.

Spiritualism This is the website for the original Spiritualist Church organization.
Center for Spiritualist Enlightenment> and the Morris Pratt Institute The Spiritualist Church's seminary, for those interested in becoming ordained Spiritualist ministers.

Mystical Organizations

The Masonic Lodge
The Rosicrucian Order
St. Germain Foundation Home of the Ascended Masters.
Unarius Foundation Unarius is not a religion but a school. They offer courses in how to neutralize negative experiences from past lives. They say they are also connected with benign intelligences from other planets.

What is a Tulpa?

Magic & Mystery in Tibet by Alexandra David-Neel. With all the talk floating around about "tulpas" in multiple personality, soulbonding and walk-ins, we figured it was time to post Madame David-Neel's lovely text in its entirety. Learn the history and origins of these practices from the brilliant, courageous Belgian woman who was accepted as a student by some of the greatest Tibetan masters.

Spiritual Practices

Hoodoo: LuckyMojo Hoodoo is not Voodoo/Vaudon. It's folkloric, object-oriented spiritual practices based in African and Afro-American tradition. LuckyMojo is an excellent source for detailed texts on the history, background and how-to. Come here for all your amulets, herb charms, floor washes, anointing oils and spiritual baths. Lists of other stores, catalogues & information.
Ouija Museum Note new and improved site. A method of divination that has been around in one form or another for thousands of years. Contemporary talking boards and planchettes for automatic writing started in the late 19th century as an experiment of the early Modern Spiritualists, a religion that's still around today.

There's also the The Pathfinder Board, which has a general sort of eclectic, New Age takeoff on Plains Native American spiritual themes.

I Ching The art of generating random events (tossing coins or straws) and then interpreting the results as a kind of small working model of your personal universe at present.

Deoxy.org - Mysticism, art, the science of consciousness expansion, altered states - intelligent, reasonable discussion. Archive edition of deoxy.org, Internet Archive. I will occasionally update this or you can find recent editions at archive.org. See also the Deoxy mirror site at jacobsm. Deoxy periodically goes down and revives. Deoxy has been around for a long time and was several underground magazines and journals before that. You might recognize several of the writers, especially Terrence McKenna -- they were influential in the psychedelic movement.

You might also be interested in the Psychonaut discussion board on Reddit.

The Rainbow Family Rainbow people are something like hippies in their idealism and search for truth in nature. They gather periodically on public land and in natural settings to join in prayer for peace on earth. Everybody welcome.
Spirit Writings at archive.org -- see also Spirit Writings at Online Books For centuries men and women have been unexplainedly inspired to speak and set down on paper words that were "not their own...."

Sacred Music

Gabriel says: Sacred Harp music never fails to remind me of the wild mystery of what the real God must be. Go into it with the awareness that these are not regular hymns. They are set in a weird choral pattern based on minor fifths that are said to originate in 18th century English choral music and Irish folk tunes but I am betting go back further than that and which have very little to do with Christianity as most people think of it.

More at Awake My Soul
Shape-Note Hymn Singing is still very much alive. this site has an excellent introduction and more about the history and places where you can hear it today.
Singing Sacred Harp in Chicago
Click here for a brief sample of Sacred Harp Singing.
More samples from the Univ. of Chicago

Like that? Want more? Here's some low-rez audio streams linked to the records they came from.
*Delight (No Burning Heat By Day)
*Showers Of Blessings (With Songs And Honours)
These are from In Sweetest Union Join which is available for cheap download from emusic.com.
From "Rivers of Delight":
*Sweet Prospect (On Jordan's Stormy Banks)
*Northport (Jesus My All To Heaven Is Gone)
*Parting Friends (Farewell My Friends I'm Bound For Canaan)

Ritual abuse, real and imagined: cult scares, real cults, and religious intolerance

A G-Man Speaks:
An Investigator's Guide to Allegations of "Ritual" Child Abuse Kenneth Lanning's lengthy study on the FBI's investigation of allegations of ritual child abuse, cautioning agents against finding it where it is not.
Satanic, Occult, Ritualistic Crime: A Law Enforcement Perspective Another Kenneth Lanning report, on investigating allegations of Satanism and crime in general.

The Cornerstone Series: Mike Warnke SRA hoax and fake.
Selling Satan: Lauren Stratford Fake claims of child abuse mean that actual victims won't be believed. She also pretended to be a Jewish Holocaust survivor, giving more fuel to the holocaust deniers out there.
Varieties of Media Crime: Media Depictions of Satanic and Hate Crimes By a Criminal Law professor.
Cults, anti-Cultists, and the Cult of Intelligence Who decides what a "cult" is?

Ritual Abuse

"These little ones believe in me. It would be best for the person who causes one of them to lose faith to be thrown into the sea with a large stone hung around his neck." Mark 9:42

There really is incontrovertible proof of a highly efficient worldwide pedophile ring including highly respected members of society and a conspiracy by higher-ups to protect them. It's called the Roman Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church has become, or has embraced, the world's largest pedophile ring. This was, and continues to be, uncovered by journalists and insider whistleblowers. Similar activities are being uncovered in Protestant churches including Fundamentalists and Evangelicals.

Frontline: The Silence
Entire film online.
For decades, a priest and his
deacon molested almost
every child
in the Alaska Native
town of St. Michael, and many
other Alaska Native villages.
And got away with it.

Silence in the House of God
Entire film online.

For decades, Fr. Lawrence Murphy
molested boys at St. John's
School for the Deaf
in Wisconsin
. Everybody knew it
was happening and nothing
whatever was done.

The uncovering of the
Catholic Church child abuse in
Boston was portrayed in
the Academy Award-winning film Spotlight.

Join Us: A low-key documentary
film about survivors of a
Protestant ritual abuse cult, including
several children.
Jesus Camp from Loki Films on Vimeo.

Exposes fundamentalist Christian child
abuse and indoctrination.
Unholy Silence
Catholic child abuse
in Australia.
'' All God's Children''
Child sexual abuse
at an Evangelical boarding school
for missionaries' kids.
Similar to the
Kim James MK Donn Ketcham molestation case
"Missionary Kids"
Frontline: Secrets of the Vatican
Well, Francis, what are you
doing about it? Entire show at PBS.org.

Donald Trump and White Christian Nationalism

Theocracy Watch Keep an eye on the Dominionist movement which has a considerable in the U.S. Congress and elsewhere.

Christians in the Hands of an Angry God A former student at Faith Christian Academy speaks out in this five-part series on why "Christianity" is not Christian, and the religious takeover of the Republican Party. No matter what you vote, read this and get the facts from someone who was there.

The Religious Right--Revealed! Links to information on the Religious Right's agenda of intolerance, particularly against gays and Lesbians. See also The Religious Right & Oil Wars Revealed.

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