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We have received many emails in the past several months and thank you for your patience with our slowness in response. We are thankful for each and every email we receive.

Many people have asked us if this form posts your words to Tumblr, Livejournal/Dreamwidth, Facebook, or a guestbook. (We no longer have a guestbook unfortunately. If we ever do again it'll be clearly marked.) The answer is No. Nothing you write here will appear publicly. Filling out this form does nothing but send private email to us. This will not put you on a mailing list. (We do have a mailing list, but you have to request to be on it.) We do not give out the addresses or personal information of people who write to us. There is no "dumb" question... all questions are worth asking and answering.

We appreciate that many of our readers wish to be anonymous. But if you have a question for us, please provide us with an email address so we can answer your question.

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