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Multiplicity 101 Podcast -- by multiples, for multiples!

You are the media. People are. Your message is the media not the other way around,
and the media does not exist without people. - Yoko Ono

Multiple Personality
Personal Pages By Multiples

Experiences being plural.


Members of Amorpha system sound off on multiplicity and current issues.

New site for the Anachronic / Isochronic Army. "This is one time travellerís attempt to identify the axis of synchronicities, catch 22s and anachronisms in this universe which are indicative of a fifth dimensional object moving through fourth dimensional space."

Members of Rhymershouse explain their experience of multiplicity. Includes an excellent guide for parents of children who are multiple, and Why 'Sybil' is Harmful to Multiples.

The Desired Constellation's art exhibition page is here.

(Formerly 'Forgotten Tribe') The Feathers explain their multiplicity and their interests. Check out their Plural-How To articles if you are having trouble coming/staying front, finding/communicating with your own world, and so on.
This group wrote and produced several episodes of the Multiplicity 101 Free Podcast -- by multiples, for multiples! Interviews with multiples, singlet allies, medians and other interested parties. to the Multiplicity 101 Podcast now.

Glenster's: Vintage Hot Jazz and Dance Recordings Jay adores this page. Just put us in a time machine and send us back to 1932. If you like this music, tune in The Swing Years And Beyond WEBCAST, Saturdays at 7 p.m. Pacific Time on KUOW. Amanda Wilde takes you from the 1920s to the 1950s with good-humored commentary and interesting background info on the composers and musicians, especially on women in jazz -- and she takes requests, too!

Citizens of Idia introduce their world and have their say. Stone Voices is their blog, kept current.

Pagmies believe their system was created by trauma but are now a healthy cooperative. Excellent selves-explanation and essays toward a future book. Also check out the IRC chat at, #plurality.

Phoenix Household

"Challenging current notions of plurality, and what it means to be plural." Self-determined identities, neurodiversity, individualism.

RavenWolf Rising Phoenix Schmick Justice et al.: a visual ethnography on photographic and diagnostic intersubjectivity in the making of a being multiple Aspen DeVillier's feature article, with photographs, on the life of a traditional DID system seeking not integration but reconciliation. Emotionally abused by their adopted mother and emotionally, physically, and sexually abused by their adopted father, they seek relief in symbolic murder, similar to Truddi Chase and the Troops in When Rabbit Howls.


Snappy, honest, direct and to the point.

Ann Garvey & co. have been around for a long time. They describe their everyday experiences and educate the public.

That's the old blog. The new one is down.

The Gidayaamin's open diary is still down -- watch this space. They always put it back up sooner or later.

Livejournal Multiplicity A lot of multiples have their webdiaries on Livejournal. If you do, you can put multiplicity on your Interests to be added to this list. Note that there are a very large number of people here with a lot of different views, not all of which we agree with.

Comic Books/Pages

Zyfron Gemini Comics Multiplicity and transgender issues.

LoonyBrain Comics Multiplicity, abuse issues, and gender identity. If you have been abused because you were multiple, or abused by a multiple, please go here.

Oure Gaiya The Oure Gaiya and Aspen Patch crews which co-exist in the same body describe their experiences.

A PDF zine describing their personal experiences. Depersonalization, human rights, gender and sexuality issues, psychiatry, alienation, cooperation. Click here for many more zines on a wide variety of topics.

By Kerry Dawkins of Plures House. Print editions are also available, b&w $5, color $10. To buy a copy of 'Loud & Clear', just click here.

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Truddi Chase (& The Troops) died March 10, 2010.
Click here to read their obituary and sign their memorial guestbook.

Lynn& Wasnak 1945-2013

Who decides who is "mentally ill"? Read about mental health professionals calling for major reforms to the DSM-5.

Naomi Rhode, Sybil's closest relative,
verifies her story

Nancy L. Preston - Sybil's Friend
Interview with Nancy Preston

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