The "Sarah" Trial

In June of 1990, a woman with multiple personalities filed rape charges against a man who had taken advantage of one of her naive selves. Much was made of the fact that the woman was multiple, and therefore by definition "too mentally ill to know what she was doing." Was this a "victory for the rights of the mentally ill," or just another brick in the wall?

The conviction was later overturned. Circuit Judge Robert Hawley overturned Mr. Peterson's Nov. 8 conviction on sexual assault charges because the defense had not been allowed to have a psychiatrist examine the woman before trial. Prosecutor Joseph Paulus said he asked that charges against Mark Peterson be dismissed after consulting with experts on multiple personality and determining that a retrial would be harmful to the woman.

In addition, there had been perjury by Paulus' chief witness. He lied when he said that he had explained Sarah's multiplicity to Peterson. Paulus knew that his chief witness had been having sex with Sarah -- or with Ginger, if Sarah said no -- on a regular basis for over a year. He charged Peterson because it was a hot media item. The real crime was committed under the guise of enforcing the law and protecting the vulnerable. Truth & Justice has more on this story and DA Paulus' corrupt record.

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Violation and Virtuality By Sandy Stone. Another look at the Sarah case; and an online persona, invented by a singlet, taking on a life of its own.

Click here to buy "My Name Is Legion" Fictionalized account of the trial and its aftermath by Sheila Martin Berry.

A Multiple Choice Examination by Sheila Berry. Gives you some idea of her personal take on multiplicity, with speculations from "Seth Speaks", New Age channeling, and past life recall.

My Name Is Legion - Review

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