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What needs to be challenged is the concept that only a certain type of person, with specific approved beliefs, can be sane or healthy, rather than merely attempt to get multiplicity accepted as falling within this concept of the healthy person. - S.W., Amorpha

People need to understand that this is political, it's more than one person/system's experience and more than one person/system's opinion, it represents a movement for re-educating the public, it isn't made to "inspire" readers in the sense of making them feel good about themselves, but in the sense of getting them to think and to take action. - Echoesnspectres

On this page, Multiplicity means a group of people sharing a single body... nothing more, nothing less.

Not merely a diagnosis. Not always a crippling disorder, and not always a reaction to childhood trauma. Not always dissociation. Not just MPD/DID. These are the labels that people in the psychiatric community use to describe an experience they have never had and can't fully understand.

Not even Sybil, The Three Faces of Eve, or The United States of Tara. These are sensationalized, falsified portrayals of genuine experiences, created to appeal to morbid fascination.

On this page, you are not confined to the language of psychotherapy.

On this page, you need not think of yourself as a hopeless, broken basket case, unable to cope with or function in society, simply because there are many people living with you in your body... whether or not they came about because of abuse or tragedy in your past.

On this page, self- and selves-definition take precedence over what anyone else may say about you.

On this page, media lies and controversies are challenged.

Read about mental health professionals calling for major reforms to the DSM-5.

Truddi Chase (& The Troops) died March 10, 2010.
Click here to read their obituary and sign their memorial guestbook.

Lynn& Wasnak 1945-2013

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Naomi Rhode, Sybil's closest relative, verifies her story
Nancy L. Preston - Sybil's Friend
Interview with Nancy Preston

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